Activate My ALLTEL Wireless Phone
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Activate My ALLTEL Wireless Phone

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Activating your current Alltel Wireless cell phone is a quick, easy and affordable to way begin service with us!

  • No Credit Check Required
  • No Contract Commitments
  • Change plans options as needed

When you have your own Alltel cell phone(s) you want us to activate with our Americas Choice 3G Monthly Plans please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Select the Activation One Time Service Fee
  • Tell us the Brand Name of your cell phone
  • Tell us the Model of cell phone you have
  • Select a Voice Plan (required)
  • Select the SMS plan that worls best for you (optional)
  • Select a Mobile Web Data plan only if you need it (optional)
  • Add the items to your shopping cart then check out.

We also need to know your ESN number(s) for your cell phone. A CDMA cell phone ESN such as the type used on the Alltel / Verizon network will appear in 1 of 4 ways HEX, DEC, pHEX or MEID.


How to Find Your Phone or Device Identification Number

Remove the cover and battery from your device.
You can usually find the number under the battery,
below the battery, or on the back or bottom of your device.

  1. ESNs are 11 digit decimal numbers, or 8 digit hexadecimal, or hex, numbers.
    Hex numbers use 0-9 and letters A-F.
  2. MEIDs are 14 digit hexadecimal numbers, using the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F.
  3. IMEIs are 14, 15 or 16 digit decimal numbers.

  • New account set ups and cell phone activation process completion typically can take 1 to 4 hours to complete
  •  You will receive your new mobile number in an email notice from us once your account set up is completed
  • Also in the email included with your new mobile number will be a 5-Digit Verizon, Cell Phone Programming Code Number you will dial from the cell phone you are activating with our services in order to complete the final step of the provisioning process and you can begin to enjoy your no contract, no credit check, monthly services
  • Last but not least the email we send to you will also include the easy to follow monthly account renewal instructions and your next monthly service payment due date.
  • Dont' Delay We Can Have You Talking, Texting and Surfing the Web Today!

Customers who wish to activate a cell phone with a mobile number that's currently active with another carrier or provider, must contact customer service before processing an order to obtain a copy of our mobile number port request checklist. Click here to be redirected to our contact us page to request a copy of our mobile number port~in checklist.


**click here to view more details regarding the "Add-on ILD" feature option**